Tough Tarps for the Long Haul

Get Covered!

Bralin Manufacturing produces a large array of tarp
materials for the Dump Truck and Dump Trailer industry.

Made in the U.S.A.!

Quality American-made textile products designed for the trucking and mortuary fields since 1988.

Why choose Bralin?

We offer competitive pricing and outstanding products that will meet and exceed your needs.


Tarps & more …

Accessories & More
Not all tarp products are created equal!
Our tarps are made of only top grade products that provide the best performance.
We offer custom tarps and they are made to order at your specifications.
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Body Bags / Transport Bags

Body BagsOur Body Bags/Transport Bags are made of durable, top-quality materails.  We offer a variety of sizes and options that are sure to meet your expectations.  In addition, we also offer Disposable Pouches, Sanitary Cot Covers and First Call Stretcher Covers.
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